Podcast Shoot

Want to Start your own Podcast? Our studio is equipped with high-quality microphones, soundproof rooms, and everything you need to make your podcast sound amazing. Come and record your podcast in a professional environment.

Music Mixing and Mastering

Are you looking for Sound, Music for your Next Project? Our expert team can help make your music shine! We use the latest Stereo 5.1.4 and Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 technology for mixing and mastering. Bring your music to MW Studio in Mumbai and watch us turn your tracks into masterpieces.

AI Speech Synthesis

Looking for a place to record AI speech synthesis? MW Studio offers State-of-the-Art Soundproof Rooms and Superior Acoustics, along with the latest Stereo 5.1.4 and Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 technology. Experience a professional environment with high-tech equipment and a dedicated team to make your project sound Jhakkas.


Dreaming of creating an Audiobook? Our studio is the ideal place to record it. With our top-quality microphones and soundproof rooms, your audiobook will sound professional and engaging. Let us help you bring your story to life.